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This product is our brand new SIGNATURE cinematic lower thirds collection for Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

We've spent countless hours in pre and post production and have found a lot of tricks in order to speed up all of the processes and take videos to the next level way faster. 

We want to share these cheats with you. One of such tricks is contained within this product: THE BEST and the BIGGEST Cinematic Lower Thirds pack sold on the web. It's new, it's edgy, it's EXACTLY what you need. The quality is just amazing.

What's included: 250+ lower thirds: 5 categories + a bonus pack and Adobe Premiere PRO instructions.
Titles come in .mogrt files for Adobe Premiere as well as a set of video instructions. 

Do not waste your time, purchase now to get this great value product and start using your brand new Lower Thirds pack TODAY.


  1. 250+ Unique Professional Lower Thirds
  2. No plugins required
  3. Color Control
  4. Drag and Drop